MY anthropological adventures to date

Graduated College of Charleston in 2002 with a Bachelors in Science  for  Anthropology and a Bachelors in Arts in Philosophy & Religious Studies.  I moved to Brooklyn NY in 2003 and began working as a real estate agent/broker for artists and those being evicted from their homes in efforts to study the cultural impact of Rapid Gentrification.  Below is a brief timeline of my adventures in Anthropology.

2002- Graduated from College of Charleston
2003- Moved to New York City to begin Graduate School for Applied Anthropology (became bored)
2004- Began work as a real estate agent working in Brooklyn, NY exclusively with plans to explore the cultural impact of rapid gentrification in world cities
           - became the first real estate blogger ever, exposing issues in transparency in the real estate industry
            -began work on my own real estate company, called Space Independent
            -Started the Real Estate Blog Pro blog to promote the use of free tools to accomplish real estate tasks and promoted transparency in real estate online.
           -worked exclusively with relocation of professional artists and those being evicted due to rezoning of Brooklyn waterfront
2005- picked up photography as primary form of documentation, began Urbanfoto Blog as the FotoUR.
           -maintained Urbanfoto as the daily life of a Brooklyn Real Estate agent, cataloging buildings slated for demolition and buildings that no longer exist
           -documented street art in Brooklyn as archaeological subjects
           -Nominated for Inman New's "most innovative realtor"
2008- Moved back to Charleston to help salvage family business (equipment and supply company for land surveyors)
           -Began work on Land Surveyors United Network, a surveyor to surveyor support community
           -Began building the framework for Home Free Organization, a mobile solution to help homeless individuals get back on their feet.