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ELECTRICARMS Virtual Tour of America Mixtape by Sayyid Airborn

Over the past couple of months, I've been working steady with M. Sayyid of Antipop Consortium (aka Sayyid Airborn) on the ELECTRICARMS Virtual Mixtape Tour of America. Conceptually, it is a mashup of Virtual Tour, New Music Model, Mapping and Social Media Experiment. In other words, Electricarms is the very first of its kind, music tour that anyone can take and follow using any device which connects to the internet. I've Electricarmsbeen playing the part of an entire record label, syndicating Sayyid's stream of geographically based freestyles and exclusives for America.  We've completed PHASE ONE (basically the East Coast and just across the Mississippi) and for the past couple of weeks, been in the Lab perfecting PHASE TWO.  I'll explain a little bit about the differences between the two in a moment, but first, here are a few of the tracks from phase one, free for you to download.Visit ELECTRICARMS.COM to take the Virtual Tour PHASE ONE

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About Phase Two

PHASE TWO of Electricarms is about to step up the tour action even more and completely change the rap game, as all of the fans on the tour will now be given a fully interactive, social media and networking experience, which they can access from their computer, iphone, ipad and cell phone. Sayyid is about to drop an exclusive mixtape street single which will be the first track available on the tour for purchase. I heard it last night and let me just say that it completely blows anything else in the industry completely off the planet. Look for the official launch of PHASE TWO early next week.

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