Community Apps

Tools and resources built into apps for helping members save time, money and effort by making things easier for doing stuff or connecting with like minded other members.

Smarketplace Virtual Mall App for Land Surveyors United Members

This is the ever evolving Surveyor Marketplace, originally conceived as Equipment Hunter it was built to help members of Land Surveyors United to both source and sell affordable surveying equipment as a community. Equipment Hunter evolved into Smarketplace when I began creating ways for vendors that I trusted inside the community to amplify their reach. By wiring up the feeds generated through their community hubs with trained automation of posts to other platforms like twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc, I found ways to change linear discussions into prismatic multidimensional conversations happening simultaneously on several platforms at once, all from a single post. Once i had all of that working, I naturally backed everything up to a spreadsheet - or an interconnected set of sheets - which i was able to then turn into the Smarketplace App.

Equipment Deals

Surveying equipment specials from trusted vendors in the Land Surveyors United community who are committed to supporting what they sell.

Dynamically Fresh

Anytime a vendor posts to their community hub's forum, photos, videos, ect. their store is updated inside the app and inside the Smarketplace (web version) and the Smarket Mall Aggregator.

Smovies & Smarcade

Like any mall, the Smarketplace has an arcade. Stop by and play some old school games or visit the Smovie Theatre