Working With Ning 3.0 Tabs and Tabbed Modules

Post date: Mar 10, 2014 11:31:07 PM

Tabbed Modules for Ning Communities

A terrific question was asked on the Creators Forum regarding what other Ning Network Creators are doing with their new Tabbed Modules for 3.0. I decided to share some of my latest experiments with the Tabs.

Dictionary A-Z Terms

i almost forgot... i also added a surveyors dictionary inside one of my groups (private so here is screen capture:

and arrangement of backend

Pulling In Social Profiles to Pages

I've touched on the subject of importing social media profiles to pages before. But with a tabbed interface, everything is so much smoother.

So...something else I've been working on with tabs is a rock solid method for importing other social media profiles and feeds, which can be implemented on both network pages as well as Group pages.

Example of other social profiles pulled into a tabbed module:

Live Example on Beautiful Nation Project

Right now I am able to pull data and live feeds from the following services and profiles:

Facebook Pages

Google + Albums and Photos






Let me know if you have any questions or would be interested in doing the same.

Tabbed RSS Feeds

In one of my Ning 2.0 networks, I had a RSS feed wall that I made using Google Sites which operated like this:

Now in 3.0, i no longer need the hacked Gsites embed and have been moving those feeds to tabs like so:

Tabbed RSS Feeds in 3.0

this is just one of the ways I am using the tabs.. hope this helps.. [NOTE: my network is private presently, but i made this page available for you to view as an example.]