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Beach Erosion and Restoration Cost Calculator

Carbon Offset Calculator


Our carbon offset calculator uses industry-standard emission factors and formulas to estimate carbon emissions for different modes of travel. These factors take into account variables such as distance, fuel efficiency, and energy consumption.

For air travel, we consider the average emissions per passenger mile/kilometer based on the type of aircraft and class of travel. For road travel, we take into account the vehicle's fuel efficiency and distance traveled. Boat travel emissions are calculated based on the type of boat and duration of the trip. Theme park emissions are estimated based on the energy consumption of rides and attractions.

The calculated emissions are approximate values and may vary depending on specific factors not accounted for in the calculator. It's important to note that carbon offset projects aim to reduce or remove an equivalent amount of greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere to counterbalance your carbon footprint.

Cultural Exchange Impact Calculator


The Cultural Exchange Impact Calculator measures the economic and cultural value of cultural exchange programs and events in Florida. It calculates the total economic impact by multiplying the number of participants, their average weekly spending, and an economic impact multiplier. The cultural value is calculated by multiplying the number of participants and the cultural value per participant. The economic impact multiplier and cultural value per participant can be adjusted based on specific program or event characteristics.