Justin Farrow


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Justin is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic promoter of social networking for the benefit of the geospatial professions. He single-handedly created a powerful discussion forum for surveyors and other geospatial professionals in the U.S. and globally. When we met, I was struck by the unbounding energy that keeps Justin thinking outside the box and moving forward. He has the technical knowhow to translate many of his ideas into a web2 reality.

Ilse Genovesebusiness-partner

I am a registered land surveyor from Arizona. I have surveyed on mountainous, flat/rolling plains, forested, desert and coastal terrain in all kinds of weather in eight states. I like everything about surveying from legal research to construction staking. What I believe to be the most important part of what we do is to provide accurate information that others can rely on. Justin Farrow's website "Land Surveyors United" epitomizes that belief. This site also helps me research the technical aspects of day to day surveying while being connected culturally on a global scale. This makes for an enjoyable place to learn. I look forward to signing on whenever I can. A lot of work and vision has gone into creating this site which reaches out to all members of the geospatial world, Justin's character,creativity and dedication to the surveying community is there on his website,it is unquestionable. Thank you Justin.

Paul Quaggebusiness-partner

Justin has been extremely helpful to my task of featuring a surveying related museum. He is an asset to the surveying community with the Land Surveyors United web site.

Johnny Ingrambusiness-partner

Justin's work at Land Surveyors United has been a great tool for the Land Surveying community. His foresight and dedication are to be commended. I would recommend his work to anyone looking for an expert in his field.

J. Keith Maxwellbusiness-partner

Justin has excelled as his work with Land Surveyors United. The site is very easily the best site linking surveyors with surveyors. The ability for surveyors from around the world to openly share experiences and information has mad the profession better. I would highly recommend Justin and Land Surveyors United.

David Bosshard, RLSbusiness-partner

I was introduced to Land Surveyors United several months ago by another local surveyor. At first I thought "just another land surveying board". Boy, was I wrong! Recently, Justin gave a personal demonstration of the site to a local group of land surveyors in my region (south central / south western Wisconsin), taking the time to personally explain the purpose, concept, development and expansion of Land Surveyors United. The foresight Justin had when conceptualizing the site is what sets Land Surveyors United apart. In my mind, it is a "virtual community" where parties interested in "all things surveying" can come. Students, active professionals, educators, retirees all participate, contribute and make it a portal for education, social interaction and data exchange on a global scale. It is truly unlimited in it's potential to impact the land surveying community.

 Matthew M Filusbusiness-partner

If it were not for Justin Farrow, I would not have a meaningful avenue to pursue my interest in education in Land Surveying. In this new world of the one man crew with a robotic total station and GPS equipment, where is the mentoring? Can one now graduate from a college or university with enough knowledge and skill to be a good Land Surveyor? Of course, not. Then how can one become a Professional Land Surveyor without following directly in the footsteps of another? The "internship" stage of professional development for Land Surveyors appears to be in jeopardy of becoming the missing link between education and expertise. Through daily interaction with one, more, ore any of the 2100+ members of Land Surveyors United, I have become more aware of the possibility for a sustainable future for the Land Surveyor to experience mentoring in a way that was never before possible. In an open forum, any Land Surveyor can ask a Land Surveying related question to the whole world, and likewise, any Land Surveyor can share his professional opinions and knowledge with the whole world. Justin's dedication, creativity, and overall good nature. Justin is not just a team player, he is a team builder.

 Scott Warner colleague

Justin is one of the most creative individuals I know. He has integrity and rocks outside the box. I highly recommend him as a Creative Director; he is know to exceed the expectations of his customers and delivers long lasting results.

Inoel Mirandaservice-provider

I have worked on and off with Justin for years and every time has been a great learning experience. When it comes to the web Justin is the man with plan!

JimBo Thompsonservice-provider

Justin is one of the most honest and dedicated individuals I've ever met. His work ethic and passion distinguish himself from others and you can expect nothing less than 120% dedication from Justin. I enjoyed being his friend in college and am confident that I would enjoy being his colleague even more.

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