Import Tumblr Blogs to Ning Networks

Post date: Feb 12, 2014 11:16:45 PM

Extract and Import Tumblr Blog to Ning Page

I've been working a lot lately on ways to help other Ning Network Creators import other social media platforms and social profiles into Ning networks. As you can see from past posts, this sort of thing is entirely possible for things such as Facebook Pages, Google+ Photos and Instagram feeds. In fact, I even opened a small Ning Design store on this site to handle such requests. Nevertheless, last night an interesting challenge was handed to me to see if I could import a blog hosted on Tumblr to a page on Ning 3.0 platform. Below you will find two working examples of posts from a Tumblr blog extracted and imported into a web page. For the first example, I actually migrated my URbanfoto Blogger Blog to the Tumblr platform (using Bloggertotumblr) in order to make this happen. In the second example you will see the Tumblr blog dedicated to my project Ning site Land Surveyors United.