Land Surveyors United

From every corner of earth Land Surveyors of the world solve problems together. The geosocial unification of surveying culture began to occur in 2007 when a father and son decided to build and social network for professional land surveyors and students/teachers/developers/brands and educational organizations could come together as one in order to elevate geomatics industry, support one another in tech support, wrangle jobs and grow as a community, thus Land Surveyors United was born. We have grown steadily and purposefully as a global community built for social support and professional development in the land surveying industry. Currently crossing the 21000 member mark with much to reflect upon. Please enjoy these surveyor submitted photographs from the field in virtually all locations on earth.  Enjoy more and submit your own at

About Land Surveyors United Community

Land Surveyors United is not your everyday surveyors forum. It is the first of its kind- global social support environment, where professional land surveyors and geospatial professionals can find support for virtually any type of land surveying equipment or software on Earth. It is a place where you, the surveyor, can join and contribute to a geographically based group forum designed specifically for your area. Over the years, our members have created dedicated group forums for every continent on the planet (including Antarctica), all 50 US states, translating into over 145 languages. As members tune in each day to help one another solve problems in both the field and office, while building their reputation online. With well over 21,000 members worldwide, 50k followers on social media and growing. We are the largest and most helpful online community destination for professional land surveyors.

Land Surveyors United Network

Land Surveyors United is a professional development network for geospatial professionals. It is a social place for professional land surveyors to crowdsource solutions from the field. With an original mission to build a place for a global alliance among land surveyors to form. in March of 2007, LSU was the first-of-its-kind global social support platform for professional land surveyors and geodesists worldwide, where frictionless geocollaboration is the coin of the realm. The community members range from surveying students to retired professional land surveyors, from geodetic technicians to professors of geosciences, bringing together employees of public and private companies, equipment and software enterprises, universities, employers and contractors of land surveying activities.

Land Surveyors United has grown steadily for close to 10 years, unifying what would become the global cultural institution that exists today. Justin and Skip Farrow (1953-2015) had a vision of a better future for the professional land surveyors of the world. Their experience had shown them that the best technical support that any land surveyor can have is the support of another experienced land surveyor. On Land Surveyors United, geomatics, geospatial and surveying professionals have been given the opportunity to build and grow their own global support network which can be accessed from any device. Different by design, compartmentalized into dedicated geosocial support groups themed by location, survey equipment support for unsupported instruments, theme or surveying related topic.

Today with over 9000 network contributors, 50,000+ followers and site visits in the hundreds of thousands per month, we are proud to say that Land Surveyors United has become the world's largest and most diverse cultural resource for professional surveyors anywhere on earth. Surveyors in the network enjoy continual social, cultural and professional growth, together. Outside of the network, they follow a river of knowledge LSU is a place where professional land surveying will never die.