Ning Networks + Google Sites = Magic Feed Walls

Post date: Feb 25, 2014 11:36:24 PM

Build a Ning Network News Center

In this post I am going to show you how to Combine the power of Google Sites with the Native Ning RSS feed functionality to create a automagically updated RSS Feed Wall with the latest content from various areas of your network.

Mega Jaw Dropper: Magic RSS Feed Walls For Ning and Facebook (for 2.0 and 3.0)

Boost and Maximize Your Network Activity: Magic RSS Feed Walls

What I am about to show you is has taken me quite some time to perfect. It will work in both 2.0 and 3.0 layouts (responsive) and as an added bonus, it can be integrated into any facebook page as a tab and as a full blown application inside facebook. It would take me days to explain the exact process of creation and integration, so I will simply show you what I have built and if you like it or would like to have it integrated into your Ning site, see the bottom of the post for how to get it for your very own.

First Example: A RSS Feed Driven Video Wall

I began working on this after pulling my hair out while attempting to create an awesome way to give my members a way to easily navigate photos by category and filter by tag (my first attempt) . And because Ning has yet to give us a way to have multiple RSS feed modules on the same page, I needed a crafty work around. So here it is. The type of page I am about to show you can actually be created from any type of content on your network, whether it be videos, photos, forum topics etc and will categorize and filter your content based on its tag using RSS.

Demo RSS Driven Feed Wall

Second Magic RSS Example:

Your Whole Network Inside a Tab on your Facebook Page

How would you like to have ALL Of Your Latest Videos, Photos, Members, Groups, Notes, Pages, and anything else in a single place for your members to see on facebook inside a tab on your page? Behold, I introduce to you probably the world's first Ning Powered Facebook Application.

Take a look at the facebook page for my network and see there is a custom tab called "Surveyor Brain"

Demo of Ning Powered Facebook Application

When you click on the Surveyor Brain Tab, you get taken to this custom app inside the page:

That my friends is, at a glance, all of the latest activity from my network, but not only that, you can completely navigate various aspects/features of my network with out leaving facebook. When visitors click on a piece of content, it takes the to the network. Check out the Media Tab for example.

Some notes on Both Examples

- as I said it is responsive so it can be iframed into any page on your network 2.0 or 3.0

- I have minimal adsense on mine, but of course your own ads and adsense can be integrated

- so far it works beautifully on every device I've tried it on

- I can build it for you and you can easily change the content of any RSS feed module on your own after I am done (I'll show you how)

- Pages are secure https:// and can only be changed by an admin.

- Pages and minisite can be customized to match your own design and style.

-The examples shown above all have 9-12 RSS modules, but we can add more- as many as you like- if you have a lot of categories you'd like to filter.

- Feed Wall Pages have their own search descriptions and SEO and you can integrate your own analytics into the pages.

-The same walls that plug into your network can/will also be used as your FB app, so you can change or update once and it will be live in both locations.

- Finally I call them magic, because that it what they will bring to your network. Engagement, Accessibility and Order. Not to mention, it is a great way to subliminally inspire your members to properly tag their content on your network.

How Do I Get My Own Magic Feed Walls?

Glad you asked. Simply answer a few questions here or send me a message (not a comment) to my profile on creators including the following information: Name, URL of Ning Network, Phone Number, a short description of the subject matter your network is built around and Email along with which option(s) you are interested in. I will respond with a negotiable price based on what you are hoping to accomplish.

If I am not yet a friend of yours, just type "I Want Magic" in the box that comes up when you add me as a friend and I'll respond back to you asap.

Easiest way to do this:

Tell Me About Your Network

How Much Will It Cost You?

Let's just say that it will cost you less than you might think. Obviously I cannot put a blanket price on this type of custom work. Nevertheless, anyone who knows me will tell you that I am passionate about empowering my fellow NCs and easy to work with, so with that said I am going to give a special ultra-low price to those who contact me first. I have this down to a science and I work quick, so you won't be paying for my learning curve. Also I'd like to see a lot of NC's putting this to work for their networks and increasing their reach. Cost for me to develop it for you will depend on which option you choose (Magic for Network or Magic for Facebook or both).

I Want Magic!