Project: Fightersbook MMA Network

Post date: Jul 28, 2012 10:50:59 PM

Project: Fightersbook

I recently began work on a new custom design and build for the world's first 'professional' MMA fighters network called Fightersbook. This network will become a major hub for Mixed Martial Arts discussion and a place for MMA fighters to build positive reputations for themselves online.

At first you might think to yourself "Why would someone want to create another" The name Fightersbook (which I did not choose) actually packs quite a philosophical punch! Those who follow the MMA circuit can find the latest news and stats anywhere and everywhere, but where do the fighters themselves go to discuss the sport? Fightersbook makes a fighter's reputation personal and gives them a place to track and record their career in a way which places emphasis on those aspect that they feel are the most important. On Fightersbook, an MMA fighter will once and for all be able to control their buzz and maintain their reputation in a positive way through sharing helpful tips and techniques with fans and other fighters.

The action on Fightersbook won't just happen on the network. Fightersbook now has a branded Facebook page, Twitter Profile, Youtube Channel and even a Google + Page. Fightersbook opens to the public next week, so if you happen to be a fighter, sign up to participate in the forum discussions, share photos and videos and rally fans for your next fight. You also be happy to know that Fightersbook has a mobile version, so you can even go ringside and send in photos from a fight, as it happens.

As many of you know, I am working on finishing my phd in Anthropology. With that said, I have great interest in working with niches that involve interests and community values which are foreign to me. Fightersbook will prove to be yet another notch in my anthropological belt.

Update: Fightersbook Community is undergoing some ownership changes and the project has been temporarily put on hold. We hope to get back to development after the first of the year.

Fightersbook MMA Network