Project: Survey Earth in a Day

Post date: Apr 9, 2012 2:18:12 PM

An Ambitious Project for All of Man-Kind

Survey Earth in a Day Event

Planet earth has never been measured with great precision- in its entirety- from thousands of points, simultaneously, during the course of a single day. On Survey Earth Day, the geospatial professionals of the world will have a chance to change that.

On the day of the summer solstice June 20 2012, geospatial professionals around the world and members of Land Surveyors United (a global support network for land surveyors) will be simultaneously recording survey grade GPS data from thousands of points around the globe, in order to gain a more accurate understanding of the earth's surface. The first annual Survey Earth in a Day event will be an ongoing annual social surveying education experiment, with a mission not only to learn more about the earth's surface but also monitor its changes over time, as a global community. Our results will change the knowledge we currently have of the shape of the earth and thus provide new information about our planet's surface for the benefit of all man-kind. Help the surveying industry and the surveyors in your region of the world by representing your area as we re-measure the entire globe in one single day!

If you are a geospatial professional with access to survey grade GPS equipment, you should consider helping us set a world's record, right from where you live and work! Only a surveyor can provide the kind of precision that will be needed to truly understand the shape of planet earth. Just imagine how much this can help our industry.

Wednesday June 20th Survey Earth in a Day Event

Survey Earth in a Day is hosted by Land Surveyors United network.

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