RSS Feed Import Possibilities for Ning 3.0

Post date: Feb 13, 2014 12:51:35 AM

RSS Feeds for Ning 3.0

At the present moment, there are two things that Ning Network creators know regarding RSS possibilities on 3.0 platform.

    1. Ning 3.0 does not currently have RSS Feed Modules like 2.0

    2. Ning framework has Jquery built in.

UPDATE: Ning 3.0 is now equipped with RSS Feed Modules and they are SWEEEET!!! Post coming soon!

And due to the fact that nothing clear has been offered by Ning about whether or not we will have RSS feed import capabilities on Ning 3.0, I have been experimenting with possible other ways to import feeds into Ning 3.0 pages. And having figured out how to embed Codepens into GSites, i though I'd share a few of my solutions. The following pens simultanously loading may cause loading to time out, so if you looking at a pen that will not load, simply click "Re-Run" as shown to the right.

Please Note: I am not saying that Ning 3.0 networks will not eventually get RSS feed functionality. All I am saying is that there may be more options than you may know for ways to import a RSS feed to a Ning Network Page. If you need help with your Ning network, let me know.