The Audio Life Force Known as Antipop Consortium

Post date: Dec 6, 2012 9:50:18 PM

Antipop Consortium APC

Anti Pop Consortium Live in NYC

The hip-hop underground is a strange place. Some of my greatest friends and favorite artists live there. Take Anti-Pop Consortium for example. They make music and art just long enough to KILL the music industry, get a lot of love and support and then break up. Then a few years later, they do the same thing- then break up. It is a roller coaster that I am willing to ride, I just find myself wishing it lasted longer. If you are reading this, I am sure you agree. Standing alone, all of the artists which make up APC are brilliant producers and musicians. High Priest (aka HPrizm) in my opinion is a digital soundboard master. The kind of master you would expect to find meditating on a mountain, sending down beats from the heavens with his mind. "A Legend in his own mind, destroying the concept of linear time" If you slept on Born Identity, you are still sleeping. M. Sayyid (Aka Sayyid Airborn) paints tapestries with words and a vernacular that can only come from outer space. The energy and conceptual ammunition that Sayyid is capable of is and will always be from the future. Earl Blaize is the wizard behind the curtain. Without Blaize, who knows what APC would sound like... probably a vibrant hum in the mind. And then there is Beans. Although Beans does not appear to be part of the APC of this day and time, the older albums would have a giant void, without his fluid construction of conceptual brilliance and machine-gun like delivery. When you put these guys together, you have Voltron. When they are creating independently, the Thundercats.

The Future Forward

I look forward to hearing more from these guys. They have been around since the late 90's and if you haven't heard of them, it is probably because the music you listen to is too safe and comfortable...or too Pop to have even encountered these geniuses on the stage. If you are lucky to ever catch a show, you will be amazed at the performance, as they bring the studio to the stage and never make the same show happen twice. For me, music just would not be music without Anti-Pop Consortium and the envelope that they have pushed for over a decade. For you, I'll go out on a limb and say that if you have never taken the time to listen, you just may have never experienced real music.

This was my short tribute to one of the greatest bands to ever grace the stage. Expand your mind... get off the head trip and tune in, if you can find them.

Paris Freestyle by M. Sayyid

'Pitfalls' by High Priest

Antipop Consortium Videos