Update: Beautiful Nation Project and Journey

Post date: Nov 26, 2013 8:47:49 PM

Full Steam Ahead for Beautiful Nation

The Beautiful Nation Project is running full steam ahead this week, kicking off our Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign, in order to produce our pilot webisode. This will be the most effective geography course in the world, with your help! Beautiful Nation tracks the Voyage of Makulu. I am incredibly serious about doing something positive for the world and although I do not currently have children of my own, many of you (whom I love and respect) do. For over a year, I have been working remotely with my colleagues on Beautiful Nation Project in order to create a more meaningful experience for your kids in terms of their #education in #geography. This is why #imontheboat.

The boat is Makulu. Makulu is a 43 foot Nautor Swan Ketch Sailboat/ floating classroom which has been the primary vessel and venue, chartered by Reach the World since 1998, bringing the world to the classroom through traveling mentors. With our partners RTW and Agastya International Foundation , the journey is charted and planned for 2014. Back on land, I will be playing the role of Lighthouse Keeper and Social Network Manager within the virtual tour/social network which represents the boat, categorizing the content into multidimensional education tools and micro-courses in geography. This network is for anyone who would like to learn more about places they may never visit. The conversations about those places will teach the leaders of tomorrow to respect the environment, appreciate diversity and engage others as global citizens.

5 Continents | 35+ Countries | 45 Planned port stops | 700+ Expedition days | More than 1 Million Student followers

About the Crew and Krew

Our Qualifications

There is not another all-female sailing crew on the planet with the skills, passion, resources and experience necessary to launch a global expedition for education! This is a vetted model, first launched in 1997 by the founder of Reach the World, and 3 of the 4 crew members participated in the last circumnavigation of Makulu.

Through our education partners, our content has a strong framework of internationally-recognized best practices for global competence instruction and hands-on science. Plus, we already have hundreds of schools ready to participate!

In addition to having the professional skills and expertise needed to produce the content, we are conscientious of the logistical challenges in order to get content up online in a timely manner.

The ship has been generously donated for the voyage and we have spent over a year diligently planning. In other words, we’re not quitters! This is our labor of love, and we will do everything we can to make it happen.

But we can't do it alone, and need your support. Help bring news about the beauty and diversity of our world into the homes and classrooms of children and make a donation today!

More on Ning Development

Over the past couple of months, I have been simultaneously building new networks for both Beautiful Nation Project and Land Surveyors United. I'll have some pretty awesome new stuff to share over the holiday. Please take a moment and share this incredible project with any educators you may know.