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Post date: Nov 5, 2012 9:53:34 PM

Ras Dave Reggae Music

This is just a post of congratulations to my good friend and subsequently one of the most talented artists I know, Ras Dave. You may remember my post about Ras Dave's project, Lulladubs a few months ago. Well these days, Ras Dave is moving on to

MUCH bigger things in the Reggae music industry. Having recently joined forces with reggae empire VP Records and the legendary Randy's Reggae Radio, Ras Dave now has his own radio show on Wednesdays from Noon to 2pm. The Ras Dave Show gave us an opportunity to completely redesign RasDave.com and add many new features such as Facebook Connect and Twitter modules which will allow listeners to connect and engage with the selecta himself. Below are a few screenshots of the all new RasDave.com and If you are a reggae music enthusiast, I encourage you to make a visit to the site and connect with Dave. It's pretty impressive what you can do with Google Sites design with a bit of tenacious effort.

The Ras Dave Show on VP Records
The Ras Dave Show
The Ras Dave Show
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Congratulations to Ras Dave!

Ras Dave deserves every bit of this recognition and the opportunities which are presenting themselves. He is by far one of the most committed and hard working artists I've ever encountered. Over the years he has worked along the side of many of the greatest reggae, roots and dub musicians in the business. You can see a list of many of the more notable musicians on his Bio page. You might also like to fan the facebook page for The Ras Dave Show and follow him on Twitter.