Would It Take a Ninja to Find You in Search?

Post date: Feb 3, 2013 10:06:25 PM

Would It Take a Ninja to Find You in Search?

What do I mean by 'Content'?

Search engine Ninja

Well structured text which is rich in keywords that you hope to show up in search for

Images never before seen on the web, such as those taken by yourself or your company- no stock images. (When possible, we take our own photos)

Documents and presentations related to your business containing emphasis on your company + notation of location within such documents. Links and examples of other people or publications mentioning you or your company in the past Concrete examples of how your brand is conceptually different than those offering similar or same services. A list of terms and phrases that you would search for if you were a customer looking for you.

Domination in local search is a possibility, but only when it is taken seriously. As Microsoft noted during Searchification day, 32% of queries have local intent and 67% of local queries start at a major search engine. You want to be found for that 67% of that 32%. The point is that you want to dominate local searches for fun and profit. If your site is locally-focused, you likely want to be found in major search engines for geographic location + topic queries (or a single location + multiple topics).

But there’s a slight problem for being found for every location + topic query. You don’t have content for all of those combinations. And it sounds extremely exhausting to write all that content yourself. And you’re not a writer, you’re a business owner just trying to be found online, right? Well the simple solution might seem to be to hire a copywriter in India or some web bad-asses like Just Ninjas to do the work for you, but unless you have bottomless pockets and endless time, even the best will never be able to get you to the top of search results without your input, collaboration and participation in the project. You must be as committed to the project as those you hire to assist you. With that said, can you really trust the ability of a copywriter in a foreign country who most likely knows nothing about your industry write the text in your website? Even if you can fathom this, don't you think you will have to provide them with a list of keywords and phrases for them to build the copy from? If you want real results, you should keep the project close to home and work with a professional who allows collaboration and is committed to educating you on best practices for making your brand pop.

If your company's web presence officially begins to occur on page 27 of Google search results (SERPS-Search Engine Results Pages), you may just need a ninja to assist you. Nevertheless, this post is not a pitch. It is an offering on a bit of insight into the types of content you should be prepared to provide or create for your web project, in the situation that you have already decided to attempt improving your findability in local search and thus, hired a ninja. A good friend of ours, The Loftninja of Brooklyn, NY once coined a term worth mentioning here- optitryzation.

Optitryzation is the process of trying to improve the volume or quality of traffic to a web site or a web page (such as a blog) from search engines via "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results as opposed to other forms of search engine marketing (SEM) which may deal with paid inclusion. the difference between optitryzation and optimization is the latter misses the mark entirely by virtue of doing it the wrong way.

Example in a sentence: The owner of that website has obviously had a fun filled weekend of search engine optitryzation, because there are keywords stuffed everywhere.

Yes, Your Efforts To Optimized May Destroy Your Efforts to Optimize

Keyword stuffing, hiding text on your website by making it the same color as the background, and misleading meta-descriptions are all

Helping Web Ninjas Help You Eventually Help Yourself

So ok, you've hired someone to help you increase your web presence. What types of information can you provide to help your web designer or SEO get

examples of tactics that are used by "black-hat" SEO folks. Ninjas may wear black hats at times, but certainly not when it comes to branding your business. 100% of the time, we focus on building web sites which contain unique and useful, informative content. This is the only correct way to insure that your sites are never de-indexed, black-listed in search or slammed for duplicate content. More importantly, this is one of the ways Justninjas can take your site to the top of local search. Your site must be the most useful in your geographic area for your particular product, service or subject. The more your content is perceived by search engines as uniquely distinct from your competitors, the greater chance you have at out ranking them.

Search engine spiders are not human. They only see what we give them, in the exact format that we present it to them. If we present your brand in a unique way, we already eliminate the majority of your so-called competition, simply by un-grouping ourselves from the competitive circles which exist. It all comes down to one principle- "Content is King!" How unique is YOUR content?

you to the top. Well, aside from the short list above, let's consider just a couple of more items that prove helpful in our quest to assist you with your web domination.

Keep a couple of on-going lists in your pocket

List of possible competitors who are ranking high in your local area for your keywords

List of ways that you would search for your brand, if you weren't you

List of topics related to your company which may be used for pages or blog posts on your site, highlighting your products or services

List of customers in the past which might submit a positive testimonial upon site launch-or even better, might link to your new site

The suggestions made here are not required for working on a web project, but they must be created by someone, even if they know little to nothing about your brand. Providing some if not all of these to your web ninja will insure better results when attempting to dominate your industry in local search engines.