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Post date: Jun 5, 2012 2:26:18 AM

Unifying Land Surveyors in the Name of Social Support

With Survey Earth in a Day event on the horizon, I just thought it might be time to mention some of the other sub-projects I've been working on to better arm land surveyors for the online business wars and tools for the field.Land Surveyors United Network

Global Surveyor 2 Surveyor Support Network for Geospatial Professionals

Surveyor Documents Library

Find support manuals and user guides for surveying equipment

Global Surveyors Directory

List Your Company in the World's First Global Surveying Company Directory

Surveying Jobs Board

Find and Post Land Surveying Related Jobs and Employment

Land Surveying Industry on TwitterSee what's buzzing in the Land Surveying Industry on TwitterTake a look at this collection for land surveyors on Bonzobox

Free Surveying Company WebsiteNo website? No Problem! Customize this free template today!

Land Surveyors United Network
land surveyors arsenal of tools