Project: Peacebook is a Network With a Social Conscience

Post date: Nov 3, 2012 6:46:00 PM

Interesting Ning Design Projects

I find it slightly ironic that during the same week Fightersbook Project was temporarily put on hold, I received a proposal to begin work on a drastically different type of Ning network. Enter Peacebook. Imagine a social network with a conscience. Peacebook was founded to promote peace through philanthropic projects throughout the world. I plan to follow up this post in the coming days with a more detailed walk through of the mission and philosophy behind Peacebook, as I am currently knee deep in code. For now, i merely want to document this irony so that I may laugh once again in the future. What are the chances?

Peacebook Network on Ning

You might be saying to yourself "Why does this guy add "book" to the end of all of his network names?" The truth of the matter is I do not choose these names at all. Most often, they are chosen way before hand by the creator of the network and I am simply hired to create a visual representation of the idea that is put forth.